DLG’s Terms of Use

These are our terms of use (2022-current)

Here at DLG we are offering graphic resources for your Personal designs, as well some items that can be use for commercial use. Dark and light graphics also works as a reseller from other artists with their commercial use packs,legally obtained and with our special touch to those sets.

°☆ Anaterium’s Terms Of Use °☆

(You can find this information also in your downloaded items)


Please credit as:  tube©Anaterium DarkandLightGraphics


Tube by Anaterium DLG



You are allowed to create designs with these items for you or your friends providing the proper credit

You CAN’T include any o these items to any commercial use project.



You are allowed to include these products to your project/design  for commercial or personal use,credit is required* on digital designs.



You are allowed to use these for your personal use kits that you sell and commercial use designs.



These sets are for you to add to your personal use scrapkits not for reselling as commercial use sets,if tubes are used on designs by themselves you will need to add the copyright of the original artist. Please read the TOU included for details.


°☆ Rowen Design’s Terms Of Use °☆

(You can find this information also in your downloaded items)

1. It is required to give me the rightful credit somewhere in your creations like © Rowen’s Design
2. Link to my blog https://rowen-design.blogspot.com
3. Link to the store https://darkandlightgraphics.com

You dont need to do all three but it’s polite to do at least one.

With this you will help me grow as a designer and make more and better creations. If you follow this terms, I’m already very grateful.

Please don’t share them with anyone, or on mega, 4shared or similar sites. Direct them to where you bought them. Thanks!


Any questions?  feel free to ask.