°✩DLG⋆。°✩Not an AI products Store

Hello dear friends!

Just wanted to say that this store will keep being free from AI generated images and tubes.

What you get in every product  here is a result of hours creating with different softwares,paid materials and lots of  fun ideas for you.

Not a fan of prompters here since there is no way to have respect for that kind of  “talent”

So you could say that here  you will still find digital designs with the “classic old school style” 

Very proudly though ◠‿◠

Makes me feel real sad to see so many original artists disrespected by cloning their work on those AI platforms and yes, it seems unstoppable.

Is not in my power to fight the modern trend but what I can do is just not fall for it,I will continue creating as before,same tools and tons of inspiration!


THANKS for reading and for staying around!


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