Previous Christmas Freebies

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Hello DLG friends! I will be uploading freebies that I have offered before on my 12 days of Christmas series,as you know they were only available during the month of December then deleted but this time they will stay on my freebies section. Be sure to check it out!

Welcome December!

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The most beautiful time of the year has finally arrived! I am welcoming December with a warm heart and with the best hopes for a good holiday season. This year also I´ll be offering a freebie for the first 12 days of Christmas,I’ve been doing this for several years already and this won’t be an exception,it’s the perfect time to …

About Freebies

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Hi again!! I thought it was important to let you know that this time,with this new store, the Freebies/Courtesies from Dark and Light Graphics are gonna be only for subscribers. This is as a matter of trying to have more control over who are the ones getting this material,there has been trouble in the past regarding this. Also, none of …