goldstarCustom made Poser tubesgoldstar

Any  design can be created ,any theme for an affordable price,that set of tubes will be only for you exclusively,keeping the good quality and taking care in every detail of your request.

Please see the gallery below or  take a look around the different categories to check out my work  with Poser tubes.


Timeline and profile picture,unique themes (this can be designed with any character that I have available from my selection of Poser tubes or with your personal pictures)

Prices vary  based on what is that you need.FB sets with personal pictures have some extra chargeA request with any of my characters shown on my store is  5.00 dls

If you have more questions feel free to contact me: Here




goldstarCustom Logo Creationgoldstar

Logos are handmade and/or manipulated on Photoshop,exclusive  and designed only for you (as a personal presentation,your business,etc) Logos are more fantasy/artistic oriented

see the Dark and Light graphics’ Logo as an example on how the result can be.Logos take a few days to be ready,please keep that in mind,prices are based on how elaborated the request is.


goldstarEditing  photosgoldstar

Any work needed on a picture …fixing color,getting rid of background (cropping) special designs using your picture (manipulation) Glamour touch etc.

Prices vary based on what is needed. A good  quality on the pictures that you provide are key for a good result♥ 


I can design for you any graphic that you need (banners,animations,logos,tags,dividers,buttons,clusters,alphabets etc)

feel free to contact me and give me details for your request,affordable prices.


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