Welcome December!

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The most beautiful time of the year has finally arrived! I am welcoming December with a warm heart and with the best hopes for a good holiday season. This year also I´ll be offering a freebie for the first 12 days of Christmas,I’ve been doing this for several years already and this won’t be an exception,it’s the perfect time to …

Previous Members

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Hello and Happy new week!!  To my registered members of my previous website:for this new one you need to register again since I changed my hosting service all the data from the previous store is gone. We are starting brand new here 😀 and I hope that you enjoy this new phase here with me. thank you for the pleasure …

Downloading issues?

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Hi my friends! There was a little glitch causing trouble on the dowloading but it’s been fixed, anyhow if there’s anything else please be sure that you can let me know and I´ll take care of it asap thanks for being here!!