It´s My Birthday Sale at DLG

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Hey dear friends! My birthday is very near and as I do every year I am having a big discount party here,in my store. For a whole week,you´ll be able to purchase every item in stock with a 50% off,Commercial use stuff included ! Come and celebrate with me this special occasion! For any questions feel free to contact me …

Active on FB again

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Hello friends! Somehow Facebook adores to give trouble to people,ain´t that right? hehehe. I was finally able to login again yesterday morning,so ….FB timeline offers made by me ,are back 😀

Still with FB issues

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It looks like this is gonna take longer than expected,sadly, I’ve been looking for ways to login but nothing works,I am not alone with the same problem though I’ve seen on many in the same situation,I know I have several messages in my inbox that I can see through my webmail but I can´t reply. So very sorry!! 🙁

Unable to Access my FB page

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Hello, well… Since yesterday, I’ve been having issues accesing to facebook,then when it loads it looks a little funny,with things out of place and today,it´s been just imposible :/  It keeps showing me a blank page or this message. I’ll try again later on, wanted to make an offer on my Fb group during the day… Anyway, hope you are …

Welcome December!

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The most beautiful time of the year has finally arrived! I am welcoming December with a warm heart and with the best hopes for a good holiday season. This year also I´ll be offering a freebie for the first 12 days of Christmas,I’ve been doing this for several years already and this won’t be an exception,it’s the perfect time to …

Seasonal Sale!

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Hey dear Friends!! Here to announce you the sale I have going on with every seasonal item that I have available in my store. This sale will be available until the end of the year! Hope that you like what I have to offer, thanks!!

Previous Members

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Hello and Happy new week!!  To my registered members of my previous website:for this new one you need to register again since I changed my hosting service all the data from the previous store is gone. We are starting brand new here 😀 and I hope that you enjoy this new phase here with me. thank you for the pleasure …

Downloading issues?

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Hi my friends! There was a little glitch causing trouble on the dowloading but it’s been fixed, anyhow if there’s anything else please be sure that you can let me know and I´ll take care of it asap thanks for being here!!  

Welcome Coupon

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It´s official! I finally opened to the public my website today,feeling really cool about it.  As a welcoming gift I created a coupon for all of you that are interested on purchasing items,it’s a 25% discount off your total amount. This coupon is valid on every item until November 1st. Welcome  and hope that you enjoy being here!