Downloading issues?

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Hi my friends! There was a little glitch causing trouble on the dowloading but it’s been fixed, anyhow if there’s anything else please be sure that you can let me know and I´ll take care of it asap thanks for being here!!  

Welcome Coupon

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It´s official! I finally opened to the public my website today,feeling really cool about it.  As a welcoming gift I created a coupon for all of you that are interested on purchasing items,it’s a 25% discount off your total amount. This coupon is valid on every item until November 1st. Welcome  and hope that you enjoy being here!

About Freebies

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Hi again!! I thought it was important to let you know that this time,with this new store, the Freebies/Courtesies from Dark and Light Graphics are gonna be only for subscribers. This is as a matter of trying to have more control over who are the ones getting this material,there has been trouble in the past regarding this. Also, none of …

Bienvenidos a Mi Página Renovada

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Hola a todos! Bueno, después de varios meses de duro trabajo les presento mi nueva página. El diseño es 100% differente,el menú es casi igual aunque hay unas categorías qué ya quité. La tienda tiene un estilo de galerías qué me encanta como trabaja,sí deseas detenerte en un promo específico puedes hacerlo dándole click . Me gusta usar promos de buen …